Michelle Lee Landon is a yoga instructor living in Richmond, VA. She grew up in Clifton, VA, a beautiful small town hidden in the suburbs of Northern Virginia. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fashion Merchandising from Virginia Commonwealth University and completed the Career Switchers program through EducateVA to become a high school teacher in December 2016. Michelle will start as a Family and Consumer Science Teacher at Varina High School during the 2017-2018 school year.

Her style of teaching, and practice continues to evolve as she continues her own journey on the path of yoga. Michelle’s primary style of teaching (& practicing) asana (the physical practice of yoga) is a vinyasa flow style class, that is accessible to all levels of experience; encouraging students to "find your rhythm" as they move with their breath and stay tuned with how they are feeling; physically, mentally and energetically. She is a believer that love is our true nature, that love always wins, and that more love is always the answer. Michelle holds pop up yoga classes around Richmond, and is the organizer of RVA Outdoor Yoga on Meet Up. You can find her almost every day of the week holding classes out doors/ rooftop during the warm seasons. 

Her personal mantra of "find your mountain" is inspired by the teachings of Rolf Gates. She reminds her students often that at any time through out our practice on or off the mat, we can pause, reconnect, check in with how we are being, decide how we want to be moving forward and then "find our mountain". It is never too late to change the direction of your life. This is our power. This is our practice. This is our beautiful life.

Michelle began practicing yoga as a means to supplement her work out schedule at the gym. The more she began to practice the physical practice of yoga, the more she noticed a change in how she was feeling off the mat emotionally and energetically.  Yoga began to transform her life.

photo by: Ash Carr Photo

photo by: Ash Carr Photo

Hungry to learn more, she decided to join the Summer 2011 Intensive 200 Hour Teacher Training at Beloved Yoga in Reston, VA, led by Odissa Walker and Maryam Ovissi. It was during this training that she realized her purpose in life, and dedicated herself to sharing the transformational benefits of the practice of yoga, mindfulness and wellness with others.

Michelle has continued with trainings to teach children through YoKid and the Yoga with Nitya formats, as well as trauma informed training through Street Yoga. She has taken vinyasa teacher workshops with Rolf Gates, and has had the honor of taken a number of trainings & workshops from inspiring teachers such as Baron Baptiste, Max Strom, Kathryn Budig, Beryl Bender Birch, Jay Fields, Maryam Ovissi, Odissa Walker, and Maria Garre..

 She is also a proud Ambassador for Project Yoga Richmond, where she volunteers time and teaches studio and community outreach programs. Project Yoga Richmond is dedicated to making yoga affordable and accessible to all populations. Michelle has had to honor of teaching classes in local schools, St Joseph’s Villa Crisis Stabilization Unit and Transitions Day Center for adults with special needs.

When she is not teaching and practicing yoga you will find Michelle hiking or "hammocking" riverside in RVA, out listening/dancing to local music, enjoying the local art scene, riding her bike and loving on her family, friends and two cats, Alaska and Sox. She loves reggae music and all things Disney.


All photos on this site were taken by Rich Young, Luke Witt, Wanderlust Photography & Michelle Lee Landon.